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The Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, which has been an active sponsor of and participant in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day since its initial commemoration on October 24, 2002, is once again pleased to promote this day with other national AOM organizations in the U.S. The Council also notes that this day is commemorated in other countries, such as Canada, Mexico, and Pakistan, and is pleased to join with AOM colleagues in these and perhaps other nations where the day may be recognized this year.

In commemoration of this special day, the Council’s member colleges engage in a variety of activities on October 24, all of which are designed to promote greater public awareness of the benefits of AOM. Typical activities include issuing local press releases, announcing the day in college newsletters, offering free acupuncture treatments at college clinics, providing free talks about AOM, holding health fairs, conducting open house tours of college clinics and facilities, encouraging alumni to hold an evening of free treatments or talks at their clinics, and working with local AOM professionals in commemorating the day.

The Council welcomes collaborative efforts with other organizations in the United States and other countries to promote AOM Day. The eventual commemoration of AOM Day worldwide is an aspiration many share and would well reflect the growing recognition in modern times of the efficacy of this ancient form of healing. *The Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine ( was established in 1982 for the primary purpose of advancing acupuncture and Oriental medicine by promoting educational excellence in the field. The membership of the Council consists of 49 AOM colleges and programs throughout the United States, all of which have achieved accreditation or accreditation candidacy status with the national accrediting body for this field.





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